Lesson 5 – Root Cause: Would It Help to Learn More?

Recognizing why is a critical step towards now what.

You’re certainly an expert on the relationship and family dynamics! But you may not know what to expect at each stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia. More knowledge about the illness along with skills and strategies to manage it can definitely help you respond in more positive ways and with less anger.

While a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is still elusive, we do know many, many ways to minimize challenging behaviors and increase moments of peace, calm and connectedness at each stage of illness.

Research clearly shows that caregivers with increased dementia knowledge and dementia care skills feel more competent and confident. They experience less perceived stress and anxiety, and enhanced feelings of empathy, understanding and concern (Teichmann et al, 2022; Klimova et al, 2019).

The more caregivers learn, the better is for them and for their person with dementia.

These questions will help you think more about how you might approach learning more about dementia.