Lesson 7 – Root Cause – How Can You Treat Yourself with Compassion?

Take a few deep breaths.

Pick one of these phrases to tell yourself or create your own compassionate mantra:

  • “I’m doing the best I can with the energy I have in this moment.”
  • “I’m in uncharted territory.”
  • “I’m not sure about the exact right next step, and that’s ok.”
  • “It’s ok for me to try new ways of doing things.”
  • “There’s no one right way.”
  • “I’m learning new things all the time.”
  • “I can always make a different choice next time.”
  • “I can make a different choice whenever I’m ready.”
  • “I can sit with uncertainty.”
  • “I can only control so much.”
  • “I can try something, then change my mind.”
  • “They need me and taking care of me will help me take care of them.”
  • “I’m finding my way.”

Repeat often. Different messages and different variations will work for different people.