The Club You Didn’t Know You Joined

If you answered yes to any of the quiz questions, you’re part of a quickly expanding group. Nearly 42 million people cared for someone age 50+, according to the 2020 National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP study. This is an increase of nearly 8 million people in just five years since the 2015 study. Why is family caregiving one of the fastest growing worldwide trends? Because people now live longer than ever before in human history. Because we have too few trained healthcare professionals to meet sharply increasing demand as the massive baby boom generation is ascending to their later years. Because changes in healthcare reimbursement over the last few decades translate to greater reliance on unpaid, and largely untrained family members to care for aging relatives and friends. Ironically, while the caregiving community is proliferating, many individuals who fit the definition don’t identify themselves as caregivers. They don’t see themselves as part of a community. Family caregivers often feel isolated. They don’t recognize that while their journey is unique, the paths they traverse are teeming with fellow travelers, resources, and support. Borrow My Glasses. I’m happy to be your guide.