Birds Eye View – Where Do You Start in Caregiver Country?

Even if you are well into your care partner journey, the birds eye view of “caregiver country” can offer valuable perspective.

Within the country, there are care categories, akin to states. Knowing the part of the country you’re in allows you to understand the terrain and options for navigating that particular part of your journey. You would use different maps, pack differently, and have different expectations if you were traveling through New Mexico or New Jersey.

Getting your bearings can help you honor how much you’ve already journeyed, make sense of where you are, and/or plan ahead with greater clarity. You’ll see the order and feel more in control. Familiarity with the landscape will help you efficiently orient yourself, understand the possible care options and choice points. You can close off less appealing possibilities at any given point in your journey.

When it comes to care categories, there are a finite number of areas to traverse, not limitless options. Then you can focus more on how to take the journey, where you have many more choices, and which we explore in other courses based on particular needs.