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Ethical Dimensions of Elderly Suicide

The legal right among competent American adults to formulate advance directives didn’t end the incidence of elderly suicide. In fact, older adults have the highest rate of suicide in the U.S. Worldwide prevalence of suicide among older adults is considered a global public health problem. This workshop will familiarize case managers with legal and medical tools competent adults can use to express end of life wishes. We will discuss real-life cases that illustrate the limits of those tools, which may contribute to contemplation of suicide as an option. Trends and issues in elderly suicide relevant to the practice of case management will be outlined, including physician assisted suicide protected in some states through death with dignity laws. Finally, we will share an ethical framework that case managers can apply to ethical dilemmas to support clients and families contemplating suicide.

Join us to

  1. Describe legal and medical tools to express end-of-life wishes and explain their limits
  2. Identify key trends and issues in elderly suicide for case managers to understand
  3. Apply an ethical framework in cases of suicidal ideation or suicide

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