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With 10,000 people turning age 65 every day, there has never been a better time to reevaluate how you do business to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of your customers. Organizations have many opportunities, and some challenges, stemming from the aging trend. We can offer the perspective you need and help you tailor your products and services to best serve an aging population, maximize the impact of your multi-generational workforce, and support your employees with caregiving responsibilities.

We offer

  • Management Training
  • Staff Training
  • Intergenerational Team Building
  • Strategy & Product Design
  • Customer Service Training
  • User Experience Enrichment
  • Scenario-based Training
  • Certification

A few examples…

Customer Service/User Experience Training

Designed and delivered a train-the-trainer to improve the capacity of call center staff to enhance the user experience of their older members in a large insurance company serving multiple states.

Evaluation Readiness

Independent third-party evaluator for a national foundation’s programs to enable strategic planning, alignment between program goals, activities, and outcomes allowing data-driven decision making.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Co-created, piloted, and evaluated curricula to transform attitudes about aging in communities, at work and in college classrooms. The train-the-trainer curricula and certification have been scaled nationwide. Recognized as a best practice in innovation.

CNA Apprenticeship Evaluation

Serve as an independent third-party evaluator for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Apprenticeship Program examining the relationship between program activities and desired outcomes to inform program improvements and measure short-term program impacts.

Gerontology Subject Matter Expert

Subject matter expert utilizing gerontology lens to deepen insurance company’s understanding of their Medicare member experience and provide guidance for future ideation sessions.

Feasibility Study

Developed and implemented a study pursuant to a US Department of Labor grant to explore the feasibility of retired employees and pre-retirees becoming instructors of advanced manufacturing in the Connecticut community college system.

“I couldn’t wait to share the remarkable reception we have experienced for this course. As we thought might be the case, we have witnessed some emotional and powerful moments from a number of students. We have seen some ‘aha’ moments and perhaps even some large scale epiphanies that have been nothing short of amazing. It is one of the easiest curricula to gain student engagement that I have seen in my many years of training. Even hours and sometimes days after the class, I continue to get chats, emails, etc. from students that are continuing to think about what we discussed. Their responses have all been incredibly favorable and heart-warming. I am so grateful for the time and effort put into this initiative and I honestly believe it will be great for business as much as for life in general.”

— Dale Cunningham, Senior Training Specialist, Government Center of Excellence, Customer Service Operations Solutions, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas

“Since 2007, I’ve had many opportunities to collaborate with Donna. She consistently shows passion and compassion for people living with dementia and their caregivers. This combined with her depth of knowledge, creativity as a dementia educator, and commitment to quality work are important reasons she is highly respected as a gerontologist and educator throughout the state, a reputation she continues to earn.”

— Carolyn DeRocco, Vice President of Education & Programs, Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter