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Gerontology Relevance Project

The Gerontology Relevance Project is an asynchronous module created by Donna Fedus that offers college students (undergraduate and graduate) the opportunity to explore how gerontology relates to their professional and personal lives. Most students learn little about aging in traditional settings. The module engages students from diverse professions and fields of study to see the relevance of gerontology education. It’s appropriate for inclusion in any course or academic discipline and is currently being piloted at Quinnipiac University. Preliminary findings are promising!

Disrupt Aging Classroom

Disrupt Aging Classroom is a two-hour interactive curriculum that challenges students to examine their perceptions about aging and consider how the growing aging population is relevant to their personal lives and future careers. Borrow My Glasses and AARP co-created and jointly own Disrupt Aging Classroom to transform attitudes about aging. For more information about the curriculum, contact us.

Student Internships

Borrow My Glasses works with a small number of student interns from colleges across the country. We love working with students who would like to learn about gerontology. All internships can be completed virtually. If you’re interested in earning college credit as a Borrow My Glasses intern, contact us.

“I’ve learned so much about gerontology, what it means to me, and what it means to others. My research on cultural considerations in end-of-life care has taught me a greater awareness of respect for cultural differences, as well as its startling deficit in our healthcare system. While communication with Donna and Lauren is always easy and clear, the internship challenged me to become more independent and confident in my decisions. Interning at BMG is not just a summer work experience – it is a learning opportunity and a fulfilling step towards self-discovery.”

— Sabrina, BMG Intern, Cornell University

“Donna and Lauren showed genuine interest in my ideas and respected me as an equal member of the program development team. Working with BMG gave me great insight into the world of gerontology and, more specifically, qualitative research and program development. My work this summer helped me grow as an independent worker, and I really enjoyed the responsibility of managing my own tasks, while still having access to Donna and Lauren’s expert advice, guidance, and encouragement. I truly developed my organizational and creative skills, and I’m so happy I could do so in partnership with BMG!”

— Lily, BMG Intern, Vassar College

“Having the internship in my last semester was the perfect way to end my experience as a graduate student and I plan to continue learning from Donna and Lauren in the years to come.”

— Allison, Intern, Southern Connecticut State University

“I loved this internship!”

— Lianna, BMG Intern, Quinnipiac University