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Living With Palliative Care: Joan’s Story

Palliative Care is surrounded by many misconceptions. With greater knowledge, patients and families could benefit from palliative care and healthcare professionals could use it to support patients with serious illness. Join us to learn more about palliative care, including how it differs from hospice and how it can benefit patients facing serious illness. See video clips from a documentary film and education program called Living With Palliative Care, which shows how one 85-year-old woman’s end-of-life journey was transformed by palliative care.

Join us to

  1. Define palliative care and distinguish it from hospice
  2. Outline a generalist level of palliative care knowledge
  3. Demonstrate palliative care through an in-depth video-based case study
  4. Discuss the benefits of choosing palliative care to address serious illness

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