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Working with Veterans with Dementia and PTSD

Veterans who had been in combat or otherwise experienced trauma may have been able to function day to day without major symptoms of PTSD… until they experienced dementia as older adults. The loss of connection to present day reality and possible beliefs that they are back in time can trigger old traumas, regardless of whether the veterans ever recognized PTSD or sought treatment for PTSD when they returned home. This program offers useful perspectives and practical strategies for professionals to share with current day caregivers of older veterans.

Join us to

  1. Describe typical veterans in today’s older generations, many of whom never sought treatment for PTSD
  2. Discuss ways in which old traumas could be triggered for veterans living with dementia
  3. Outline perspectives and care strategies for current day caregivers of older veterans living with dementia

* NOTE: meets NASW – CT’s Veterans Services licensure requirement

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